Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curtis Gordon

I got to see Curtis Gordon at Viva Las Vegas in 1999. But--even cooler than that--I had a chance to sit down and have a chat with him in his hotel room. We were staying at the Orleans that year and I noticed him checking in. I said, "check it out--it's Curtis Gordon!"

So I called the front desk and they connected me to his room. He told us he was going to take a nap but we could stop by for a visit after that. I went up to his room with my brother Billy, piano player T Jarrod Bonta, and Pete Hakonen of Goofin' Records.

Curtis was full of Southern hospitality and--for the next hour or so--regaled us with stories about his career. He told us about his close relationship with Ernest Tubb and about recording in Houston with Herb Remington. Afterwards, he signed a few things for us and we thanked him for the chat.

He was a true gentleman and told us that if we ever made it to Georgia we should give him a call. Oh, and we were instructed to "bring something to eat and we'll cook it up"!

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Angela said...

Enjoyed your post...I was wondering if Mr Gordon has any living relatives in Georgia or elsewhere. My Dad, who also passed away in 2004, played at Radio Ranch with Mr. Gordon in the late 50's. I would love to have copies of pictures from those days if any are available. Please let me know what you find out. My Dad was from Moultrie also and moved to Mobile to work at clubs on the coast. His name was Stanley "Red" Beverly...


Angela Strickland