Monday, March 31, 2008

RIP Glenn Barber

I was really looking forward to playing steel guitar for Glenn Barber in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. But--as fate would have it--Glenn passed away on March 28th. For those of you who haven't heard of Glenn Barber, do yourself a favor and pick up the various compilations that feature his songs. His Starday gems include "Shadow My Baby", "Ice Cold Water", and "Feelin' No Pain". He also penned the honky tonk classic "Yes, Ma'am, I Met Her In A Honky Tonk" which is still performed today by Miss Leslie and her Juke Jointers out of Houston.

I got to see Glenn perform in Green Bay, Wisconsin, last year and he sounded really good. His voice was still strong and it was a pleasure to hear him sing his songs. These are tunes that have been a staple of the rockabilly scene for many years now. It's always great when the artists are invited to play in front of an audience that really digs the songs they cut many moons ago.

I was looking forward to chatting with Glenn about the other musicians on his recordings. Perhaps this information is already available but I've never read a list of session musicians used on his recordings. Who's on steel? Is that Herb Remington? What about sax--Link Davis? If anyone knows, feel free to educate me.

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