Thursday, February 5, 2009

High Noon Promo Article

Another oldie...

High Noon—
Shaun Young—acoustic guitar, vocals
Sean Mencher—electric guitar, vocals
Kevin Smith—upright bass, vocals

High Noon; Happy Hour (6:30-9pm) Wednesday, January 16 & Wednesday, January 23

High Noon started out in guitarist Sean Mencher’s garage back in August of 1988. A humble beginning for the rockabilly trio that would go on to influence a slew modern bands. The guys played nonstop for the next eight years before Sean Mencher relocated to Maine to raise his family. Shaun Young (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Kevin Smith (upright bass) continued playing music in Austin with other bands. Shaun spent much of his time behind a drum kit with the Big Town Swingtet, the Horton Brothers and the Jive Bombers. Kevin kept busy with the Asylum Street Spankers, the Panhandlers and 8½ Souvenirs.

“High Noon never really broke up,” says Shaun Young. “It logistically got too tough to do. But the three of us still play together anytime we get a chance.” High Noon has played several shows in the past few years, most notably the Viva Las Vegas weekender in Las Vegas, Nevada. The guys have also been known to play “impromptu” sets during Wayne Hancock shows and even played a happy hour at the Continental Club awhile back. Their popularity was evident when High Noon played to a full house at the aforementioned happy hour with only one day’s notice. And there’s still more to come from this Texas trio.

“We’re gonna get together and learn some new material—we’ve got about 30 new original tunes to choose from. So we just need to get together and figure out which ones we wanna learn,” says Shaun. “Then we’re gonna get in there at Fort Horton (Studios) and record ‘em before Sean leaves right at the end of January.” The record—to be released on Finland’s Goofin’ Records—should be out by this May.

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