Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 Guitarists Who Do Not Suck (Part 2 of 3)

HANK GARLAND--Grady Martin's other half on numerous Nashville recordings. This guy was a picker's picker--he could play it all from jazz to country to rock and roll. His career was cut short by an auto accident in the early 60's.

Here's his signature tune, "Sugarfoot Rag":

PAUL BUSKIRK--Far from a household name, Buskirk is one of the finest pickers you're ever gonna hear. He helped pen the Ray Price hit "Night Life" with Willie Nelson.

Thanks again to Deke Dickerson for posting this clip:

OTIS RUSH--The hair stood up on the back of my neck the first time I saw this guy perform live. He's a great guitarist who is blessed with a mournful voice.

Check out the headstock on his guitar--he chopped it off so it would fit in the case:

CHUCK BERRY--Sure, he's not big on tuning his guitar, but he plays with such wild abandon and was the king of double stops. It didn't hurt that he's one of the best American composers of all time.

JIMI HENDRIX-- To me, this guy was an amped up blues guy. He really knew his way around a guitar. Some of his material is mired down in a psychodelic vibe but I think his playing shines throughout his short career.

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Stringmaster said...

That George Barnes is really something. There are so many amazing, unknown guitarists out there and I love finding out about them. I enjoy listening to music from the era when Jazz and Hillbilly music made out and had lots of wonderful new baby's. Thanks for the inspirational blog Bobby - it is the only blog I keep returning to!

Peter Knudsen
Copenhagen, Denmark